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#10474 - I didn’t get the chance to fuck my sister for another 7 nights because a cousin was staying and was put in my room to sleep, the next time l fucked Tina l tried to slide my cock into her arse but she wasn’t having any of it, but l was very happy to use her mouth and pussy which were both warm and wet. Her lips pressed against mine, she reached down took hold of my cock letting out ‘mmmm’ and Tina began kissing my chin then my neck, moving lower to my chest bit my nipples hard causing me to take a deep breath, she ran her tongue over my right nipple then my left and carried on her journey down to my cock. We would take showers together and there wasn’t a room we didn’t fuck in, if she was in a teasing mood l would feel her hand under the table as we ate or she would open her legs to show me she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

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