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#321325 - Being young and sexually inexperienced, Rachel had and abundance of reserved sexual energy stored up, so it was no surprise that her first orgasm was brutally hard, with her vagina flooding the Deacon's mouth with cunt juice while her pussy convulsed for a good minute and a half. After dressing, Deacon Hancock sat her down and lectured her on the sins of the flesh, exhorting her to find strength in the Lord and keep herself pure until marriage! She would have to live in the church for the next month to complete her period of absolution, and Deacon Hancock would personally be in charge of her penance! Tomorrow they again would pray together, asking the Almighty to guide her to the path of righteousness! THE END. Her father, now in a fit of rage, dragged her across the room and threw her at William and screamed, Get her out of here, she is no longer a daughter of mine, she has brought great shame to this house, and will not be forgiven!!! William and his men then led t

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