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#208748 - Dan led my wife back to our car where l gave Trudy some wet wipes because the spunk, she threw up was all down her front then l got the spare clothes for her to wear home. We all walked back to the lay-by the guy introduced himself as Dan so l told him our names, Dan asked Trudy if she liked role-play, she glanced at me then answered she will do whatever he wanted, Dan smiled then inquired if they could role-play rape the following Friday, we got to our car and he told me to make sure Trudy wears old clothes and l had better bring her something to wear home as the ones she arrives in will be in pieces, l could feel myself getting a hard cock just thinking about what Dan has instore for my wife. We began talking about if she should have her coil removed as being fucked by so many blokes that was a lot of spunk she was being filled with and the inevitable will happen, l confessed that l found the risk of another guy impregnating her added to the whole thrill of watching her being used

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I want to feel you inside
I would love to lick her clean