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#70666 - I start slow, I push the head of my cock aginst the lips of his anal opening, and it slides in a little, not to the rim but the rim is against his nether lips, he gasped a little, so I stroked back and forth a little bit for about 5 times, on the 5 stroke I pushed the head into his sexy hole, he hissed again, took a deep breath and let it out with an open mouth, I pushed further, about 1/2 and then withdrew until the rim of the head was outside. I pulled away and climbed out of the car. that we smoke a little more, so we did.

Read Police [ACTIVA (SMAC)] R-Otome Comic 「Nakazawa-san's Exciting Night 」(Original) (ENG) Linda Rsan's Exciting Night 」

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Hime shirayuki
That broad in the lace is stacked have anymore of her
Makoto sawatari
Hell yuh