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#108512 - Jordan had also pulled out his own erection, and much to Brian’s absolute glee, he saw that his new head master was hung at least as long as himself!!! “Do you like looking at my penis, Brian,” he asked the flustered young man!?! “O-oh, yes,” he gasped while his hand flew up and down his super sized organ, “I- I’ve never seen another cock like mine before, it’s really incredible!!!” “Why thank you, son,” Jordan Vickers replied smoothly, “would you like to suck it for me, I mean only if you want to, we don’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do here at Private Prep!?!” “C-can I really,” the wide eyed youngster panted while riveting his gaze on the monster pecker sprouting like a tree trunk out of Mr. Vickers dropped to his knees in front of him and drank from his fountain of youth until he filled the older man’s mouth with what seemed like gusher after gusher of life giving cum!!! When he was completely spent, he said softly, “So this is home, and I’m so glad to be here!!!”

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Anybody fuck me like this in front of my bf msg me
Seiya ichijou
Like if you wanna fuck me
It does seem like there are fewer guys fucking her than is stated however she does look fucking good taking it from behind like that i d love to bareback her tbh