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#228814 - You know I do, Alex, she shot back, but we both agreed that it would be too dangerous for us to fuck each other, and I'm not gonna take that chance!!! Oh, I totally agree with you, Alex rejoined, I was more thinking along the lines of trying to do it with someone else, ya know, like maybe somebody a little older? I've been thinking the same thing, Alicia replied, but I have no clue as to who we could do it with, do you? Not really, Alex answered glumly, but since were both on the same page with this thing, we can at least start looking around for the right people! Yeah, she agreed, let's start looking! That night, when Alicia slipped into Alex's room for her good night kiss, Alex announced he had an idea on who they could use as fuck mates. Standing before him in just her bra and panties, she had the look of a true to life Lolita, trim hips, small but perfect breasts, and a pouty look that drove men wild! Alex on the other hand, was seeing

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