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#33852 - !!! Carla's lips puffed up and separated slightly while Joanne and Britt ogled her incredible pussy, and as a line of dew formed along her crack she replied thickly, I took steroids to build muscle mass and a side affect was an enlarged clitoris, and even after I stopped taking the drugs my clit stayed just like you see it, huge and engorged!!! Britt had absentmindedly began fondling her own breasts and looked on in rapt fascination. Collins lashed out with the back of her right hand, catching a totally surprised Joanne flush on the cheek accompanied by the harsh reprimand, Don't you ever threaten me again, do I make myself clear, believe me you will live to regret it! It was at that moment that both Brittany and her mother realized that they were at Carla Collins' mercy, so with tears welling up in her eyes Joanne Reeves replied softly, I-I understand, I'm sorry!!! That's better, a slightly placated Carla answered evenly, now, to make my point I

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