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#106426 - It seemed that Lindsey couldn't get enough of the pretty lips that always seemed to bulge out invitingly to her! One afternoon, while lolling in the tub, Lindsey made an announcement, Erin, darling, tonight we're having a friend over, she's a very special friend, and I'll expect you to do anything she asks. Erin, now in the total thrall of the older woman, replied softly, Anything you say, Lindsey, anything you say! At eight o'clock sharp there was a rap on the front door and Lindsey ushered in a silver haired woman of about sixty years of age. Her tits, while not as large as Erin's, were still surprisingly firm with light pink nipples, while her cunt was covered with a thick growth of dark hair that was flecked with gray here and there, but the lips still bulged with sexual desire.

Read Sub エロを得んと欲すれば - Sakurasou no pet na kanojo Boobies エロを得んと欲すれば

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Yusa nishimori
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