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#49495 - I love you. “I know and no one will except us seven, well as least until Linda turns fifteen, then we six can tell our children who their father is and I hope you’ll be here when that happens” “You couldn’t keep me away, I only wish I could come back sooner to see all of you girls and the kids” I answered “and I’m worried how will you girls manage, being pregnant, having my children and supporting yourselves” “Don’t worry I’m rich and I have a trust setup for me, and I’ll be even richer when I’m fifteen and pregnant” “I don’t understand how fifteen has anything to do with it don’t you have to be eighteen for trusts and such?” “Not in this state, if you have the means and if you’re with child or have a child you can be declared an adult at the age of fifteen, some old law that’s still on the books, in fact a person can own property at thirteen, I have the means and I’ll be carrying our child, as will the others, who I can setup with the right kind of means when the time comes. We

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