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#284473 - Funny I guess, but I am older than my mother-in-law, though yes: I call her Mae (mother) – only 2 years mind! My wife and sister-in-law, Nui, both worked every day; Mae had recently resigned after a dispute at her hospital, and I had been retrenched – but comfortable enough on my savings and superannuation to live well and support the family. ) rubbing my prick, dreaming of long-ago sex – honestly, a nice dog in our street had begun entering my thoughts about how to get some sex – actually still does enter my thoughts! –these thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Mae burst in to the bathroom (I thought she was asleep still), exclaiming on seeing me “Sorry son, must go to the toilet very fast! Sorry!!” as she hiked her nightie (the purple silk one I had bought her on one trip overseas I noticed, one which showed her large, pointy nipples very well), sat and let out a fire-hose sounding amount of piss into the toilet bowl, her knees virtually rubbing my calves - as the toilet was just

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