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#239256 - His friend was kissing my shoulder now, gently massaging my very sore nipples. He buries it all the way deep inside my ass and just lets me sit there for awhile to adjust to his size being completely lost up my ass. They both start to thrust into me in unison, they then start getting harder and faster with their thrusting and I’m screaming with pleasure, it’s driving me crazy, I can feel these two hard 10inch plus cocks filling both my holes, fucking me like the whore I want to be right there and then, my ex bends down and continues biting and sucking down hard on my nipples, the pain and pleasure I’m feeling is driving me crazy, his friend starts driving into my ass even harder than before, I know the feel of my other hole being full is creating a new sensation for him, I feel myself being pushed and fucked so hard, each thrust from both of them is ripping into me and sending waves of pleasure up and down my spine, I’m totally losing it by now, I have cum over and over again and I k

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