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#359074 - “I got dad to change the room to a sound proof one, your screams just turn me on more” he pushes in a bit further and Beth is met with more pain than before, not even an inch inside of her and he was struggling to get further in, “Fuck”, he moves his foot off her head and before she has a chance to move he scoops her up keeping the tip inside of her, he manages to get his arms under her legs and stretched round to behind her neck where they met, he carried he to a mirror so she could see herself, she was a mess, he hair was crazy, her face was wet with tears, she could see crusty dried jizz on her tits from where her current dominator had cleaned himself after raping her throat, seeing her legs stretched so her feet were above her head made he realise how much it hurt but she was more concerned with the sight of the biggest penis she had ever heard of teasing her freshly deflowered pussy. “I can’t wait anymore” Growled Jono now also naked, Beth turned, and her tear covered eyes widen

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