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#24459 - Kisses and licks on my asscheeks brought my cock to life, so I spread my legs slightly, and continued to shave. The three things she had asked for were as innocent as they were easy to fulfill. I couldn’t refuse him his right to use her… After we were swimming in our beer, champagne, and the Absinthe Sven had insisted we consume (we spent more bribing the waitstaff and bartenders to serve our underage charges than we did on the actual liquor), the announcement came… “SO! DONALD, CAN YOU GET IT UP FOR THIS LITTLE HARLOT TONIGHT, OR ARE YOU MAKING YOUR POOR FATHER PAY FOR ANOTHER NIGHT IN THIS OVERPRICED SWINE HALL?” Donald gulped down some absinthe, not because he was thirsty, I think, but to give his inebriated brain a bit of time to think of an answer.

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