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#114853 - I feel my body violently and brutally thrashed like a ragdoll in your arms, wailing like a banshee You: i continue to kiss you as my thrusts lift your body off the ground. Stranger: thrashes* You: i continue to lick you roughly until i mopped up ass your cum You: then i slowly rise up You: and stand over you on all fours You: lowering my 14 inch cock into your mouth You: a low growl rises from my chest Stranger: I oblige, terrified of your wrath, sharp teeth and claws, my hot mouth sucking on your massive cock, already trying not to choke on it, I whimper. begin slowly sliding in and out of youy You: you* Stranger: ((This is so fucking hot, thank you so much for this, I'd be your bitch ;) )) I moan, feeling your massive cock begin again inside of me, sliding in and out with absolute ease from the hot cum.

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