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#166635 - As she watched the men carry Stacey away her hand had unknowingly slipped into her pussy and she began to masturbate herself, while doing this she felt the tag that had been attached to her left pussy lip, Jerry what about this tag? she asked drawing his attention to her meat-girl ID tag, That stays there to always remind you that you belong to us, we can process you at any time for any reason we see fit he replied. Jessica looked for a second as though she was thinking it over and then suddenly broke out into a happy dance That’s five times better wage then my old job she replied, Jessica kneeling in front of Stacey still riding the Jessica 3000 I winder what it feels like to have a spit tear its way though your body? Jessica asked with a smile as Stacey quickly spat in her face. Looking back toward Stacey, Jessica noticed the spit was half way though her If you want you can speed up the spiting process, or slow it down to cause maximum pain to your victim Jerry said

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