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#318094 - first let me introduce my self my name is james i am 30 years old and my girlfriend lisa is 25 this story is all about how i became lovers with her hot sexy mum. lisa kept ringing but i fobed her off and told her i had to go to america for a very importent meeting this lie she believed and did not question because she thought i was getting lots of work in to pay for our own house. next i got her to lie down so i could finally get a handfull and suck those massive tits oh yes suck my fucking titties you naughty boy thats it lick my nipples ohhhhh god that feels good get down to my cunt and eat me out you little bastard i did as i was told licking her huge clit made a cum gushes into my mouth put your tongue in my ass and fist my cunt at the same time she demanded so i did ohhhhhhhhh fuck yes eat my ass babe fist fuck me yes yes yessssssssssss another strong orgasm hit her like a train my cock was rock hard again she noticed and threw me back on the bed you liked eating my

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