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#385614 - This was met with a low growl from a most viscous sounding dog as all she could see were the glowing green eyes of this animal along with his sharp white teeth!. Both quickly discovered they were more than a match in bed, and he was the one that introduced her to all sorts of rough kinky sex interracial bondage, and the roll of a sex slave to black men! Which with her beauty and sex drive had easily become hooked on everything to do with it! To the point that Tom could take her anywhere almost naked and place her in the most compromising sexual situations as a slave, and she could not seem to get enough, their relationship was much like a good drug! That once having it, one only wanted more! For well over fifteen years both had more than satisfied each other! The rough wild racy and on the edge sex had been incredible and she missed it!.

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Konomi baba
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