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#219412 - I was proud but also upset that Kerry has taken to sex as quick as she has, my girl friend would be looking for more than a good fuck once a week now with me, as her orgasm rang out Lewis held on firm, he looked at me in disbelief as Kerry rode his manhood, his cock showed the signs of a guy busting to let fly, he looked at me, then told Kerry he was about to cum and where did she want it, she yelled fill my ass with your black sperm, that was it, Lewis grunted and gripped her waist so hard she was lifted off the floor, then we could hear his cum, a loud splashing noise inside her body, as both screamed in orgasm bliss. Kerry sleep with us over night, my cock between her ass cheeks felt good, Lyn lay in the other side her hand holding my cock, I knew what tomorrow would bring, as I drifted of to sleep. That was enough to send James and Lyn over the top, he too called out he was cumming, his body shook, Lyn gasped for air as he shot gallons of hot juices up into her bowels

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