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#93746 - To Sarah's shock, at one point in the evening Julie actually leaned over to a couple of guys who had been trying to gain their attention and said to them with a perfectly straight face, my lesbian lover here, nodding to Sarah over her shoulder, wants to take me away and ravish me in a Sapphic sex orgy, do you think I should tell my Mum where I am going? The two men nearly choked on their beer and as they shuffled away and Sarah couldn't help giggling at her newfound friend’s outrageous behaviour. Sarah blushed at Julie’s words and could feel herself getting wet, as Julie could always push her buttons, and her sexy voice seemed to permeate Sarah’s soul. 'I must be mad' she thought to herself, as she remembered how the conversation had gone with Julie a few weeks earlier.

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Is this burn victim porn wtf is wrong with her face