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#8077 - I had only ever seen my dads dick once when i walked in his room to get something he had it out and had his hand masterbating his dick fully erect. I realized what was happening and my mind flashed to a week ago when i watched him make a large hole in his bare and his cock was showing about 5 inches out and that seemed like it would hurt with that thought in my head he buckled his claws and he dug his dick in one stroke into my virgin ass spreading them and making me yell out in pain and right after he pulled all the way out and went all the way back in this time he started fucking his newly made bitch my body was like a rag doll bouncing back and forth dick hitting my balls and making a loud slapping sound that matched his strokes each time i could feel it move my inside making room for his cock that i could feel getting bigger and bigger my asshole was on fire for a while then after what seemed like hours he keep fucking me truning the pain into something i had never felt before my

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Thanks sweetie i like it so hot