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#178463 - 00 he gave me in the bar. Toni called me over told me to strip , which I gladly did and she was stroking my balls and cock then Joe joined and she took turns sucking our cocks Joe was quick to recover and had a full erection ,Toni got up on all fours and had me enter her doggy style and Joe was fucking her mouth ,we got rocking back and forth in sync then Joe tagged me and said switch so I went to her mouth for her to deep throat me and hum on my cock as she did and Joe started fucking her from behind then he pulled out and tried to fuck Toni in the ass but she said his head was too big and she was dry no lube so Joe went back to her pussy we both exploded with our own chorus of moans and groans and collapsed on the bed ,a few minutes later Joe’s room phone rang we thought it was the management saying they had a noise complaint but it was one of Joe’s associates telling him they needed to see him about what they needed to do tomorrow there was some kind of change ,we could hear how u

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Mayumi joutouguu
Love ur skin colour baby
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