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#320342 - Two powerfull arm turn me round and put me on my bellie I was screaming I never had anal sex before but I knew that was about to change I could see John putting vaseline on his dick and with no warning spread my arse cheeks apart and put the head at the entrance of my shit hole and pushed he had difficulty but that didn't stop him pushing and soon I could feel the head entering me It's fucking tight dad !!!! Don't worry it will go in just keep pushing John !!!! and pushing he did the pain was worst than I expected at first but once all his cock was inside me it was ok . His word hit me like a hammer You don't expect us to stay here all night do you ? we need to go home !!!! Not tonight lady but maybe in the morning !!! and he just laught they took us upstairs and took us to a room that must be ussually used as a storage for grains and locked the door behind us we just cuddle up in a corner all 3 of us in pain after all the abuse we just suffered a

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Kiyomi sakura
Your lips look amazing when sucking dick
So dang hot
Garnet maclaine
Crazy storyline turning one bad apple to another best way to turn her ways is fuck her names of the girls