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#84015 - one thought was dress like you want her to know what she can have, so i picked the shortest skirt that still had a little modesty and the most sexy clingiest top i had, damn i thought as i looked in the mirror my nipples showed through large and hard, smiling i picked out my new nipple rings and replace the studs, then lifting my skirt i looked at the ring through my clit, another smile, as i reached for my thong i suddenly thought why bother,, let her see what i have to offer,any way i am sure she has seen me at work giving her the odd subtle flash with out panties, I arrived at her place a little early, but as i drove up she was sitting waiting, as i got out the car i heard her say wow you look nice honey but i think you should change your shoes for heels , every one wears them and you don't wont to be the odd one out. Just wondering if you would be interested in coming to the ladies day race tomorrow honey, only if you are interested in horses. Joan was talking quietly to M

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Hotaru shiragiku
You look much heathy and good once u have lose some weight i know its not easy so i came to appreciate it btw big fan of her may u achieve much success