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#112994 - We all got into the fun, every girl with more cocks than she could use at the same time, but none seemed to worry, Gretchen really going wild with guys tag teaming her fucking her fast and hard, then swapping to another guy to keep up the assault. When the girls were lifted off, I walked them to the grass area, they knew, this time even Gretchen lay with them, the guys that knew stood with me, then one by one, we pissed over them, washing their body with our streams of fluid, it was so hot seeing the girls kiss and rub our fluids on one another, more guys joined in, again some stood back to watch, when all the bladders were empty it was off to the shower for a cleanup. It was late when the guys slowed, I lay down my arms up, and told the girls to pick a fist and then one to ride my cock, I had Lyn on my cock and the other two slide down my arm, both Sue and Gretchen high on poppers pushed their limits to the max, urging one another on to get my arm into their ass up to the elb

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Muramasa senju
Very hot you are crazy
Ashe ubert
I think you need to wear them more often and maybe let him cum on them