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#289038 - July 5 Dear Diary, Had a great 4th of July!!! A bunch of us had a big picnic down by the lake and Isaac took me into the woods, leaned me up against a tree, and really fucked me hard!!! I've never really thought about it, but I saw another couple fucking and this other dude's cock wasn't nearly as big as Isaac's!!! When he was pounding my cunt, I started realizing what a lucky girl I am to have such a big pecker to take care of my pussy!!! I made sure I made enough noise so that she would see us and get a look at Isaac's cock!!! Boy did she look jealous, I loved them both, the fucking Isaac was giving me and that look she gave me!!! Later that evening, while we were around the campfire, we played a wild version of spin the bottle!!! I won't go into how all of the rules worked, but suffice it to say that my pussy and boobs were felt up by a whole bunch of people, both male and female!!! Amy even ended up sucking off Jenny, talk about winning first prize!!!

Read Analplay 俺もやったんだからさ(圧力) - Original Stepmom 俺もやったんだからさ(圧力)

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God i wish i could find a girl like her that was able to take it all the way so i could actually fuck her as hard as i wanted they re both so lucky damn
Touka kurenai
Ermacow how appropriate
Sakuta azusagawa
Yum thanks
White heart
Fuck you stupid