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#291753 - “But I don’t want to be roasted!!” Akane said with tear filled eye’s, “Ohh Akane I know you don’t want to hear it but you have to get over this, you’re a woman now not a child, you have known for along time that you would one day ride a spit” Kasume said as she stood up form the bed, “Now I’ve got to go down and baste Ranma so father and Mr. Dad?, what are you doing in here? Akane asked looking away from Ranma's pussy long enough to catch a glimpse of her father standing in the doorway, It's time for Ranma's tenderizing, thanks for getting her wet for us Akane Soan said as he walked over and took Ranma's wrist in his hand, What?, already?, dad this is wrong you cant do this to Ranma!! Akane said standing up to meet her father's eye's, Akane we of the Tendo family have been tenderizing and roasting young girls since long before you were born, fifty years of Tendo barbeque's even your own dear mother offered up her pussy to the spit Soan sai

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