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#30150 - Jack came in to the tent and masturbated while he watched Shamus slowly and deeply fuck me, I think Shamus was trying to make it last but I didn’t want that so I kissed him passionately and he blew his load, Jack moved on me as soon as Shamus got out of the way and then the others took turns filling my willing pussy with their cum. Brett tried to force me to bend then pushed his erection at me and I realised I was going to have to help him get off quick before Rod turned around. The afternoon was spent with everyone but Rod trying out the improved shower, the water stayed hot and strong so it was a great success.

Read Culonas Pants Daisuki - I love pants Perfect Pussy Pants Daisuki - I love pants

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Karen kujou
God this is hot looove the open window and the possibility that neighbours could see
Nora cat
Sorry we will try to manage it next time