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#13768 - I scream as I cum and interrupt myself by kissing you Stranger: I feel you cum inside me and I release afterwards oh fuck baby I moan against your lips as I feel my legs grow weaker You: I love you so fucking much. Stranger: I laugh and nod my head yeah I guess I am a girl I smile now kiss me I whisper You: I lean in and kiss you softly Stranger: I lean in closer to you and deepen our kiss more as I scoot even closer to you, almost sitting on your lap You: I pull you onto my lap and wrap my arms around your head Stranger: I giggle into our kiss as you pull me onto your lap and wrap my arms around your neck as well as my legs around your waist You: I push you away from our kiss slightly and pull your top off Stranger: I let you pull my top off and you notice I'm not wearing a bra underneath should we go somewhere more private, maybe your room? I say into our kiss as I press my bare chest to yours You: I'll go first, then you, incase we wake up my sister

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Check out my vids to watch me squirt and scream xx i love to hear about how hard i make you xx
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