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#224543 - I am suitably dressed to be ready for this moment – which is to say, hardly dressed at all! My lover, sweet Claire, is on her way home from work; she has the longer commute, and often has to work even later than I do, so I’m usually the first one to get home. It turns me on even more: the joy and release, the security and the stimulation, of knowing myself to be the object of my love’s desire – that she wants to have me, to take me, and – aaahhh! – I do so want to be taken! This is the moment – THIS, this is just the perfect moment! If Chanel or Dior could distil the pure essence of sexual anticipation and bottle it, then when you first broke the seal, when the first hint of that erogenous aroma escaped into the air – this is what it would be, this is how it would taste and smell, sending all of your senses into a dizzying whirl of excitement. I know that soon she will descend, the goddess of love in her chariot of fire, and a warm glow spreads from my stomach, igniting my pussy a

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