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#81653 - Come through into here! She instructed as she led me into her living room! Sitting down on a armchair she pointed to the floor in front of it which I quickly filled whilst she picked up the TV remote and began flicking through the channels! She lifted up one of her flip-flop clad feet to my face! I went with it and began slowly kissing her cute painted toes one by one which earned the response of her sighing whilst slowly and sexily flexing them! Reclining back in the chair my new mistress then opened her dressing gown before dr****g her legs over the arm rests! The sight that was in front of me was mind-blowing and by the smirk on her face she knew just how smitten I was with her sexy naked body! Pointing towards her pussy she sternly said Smell it now!!! I placed my face as close as I dared against her hairy pussy and breathed in her strong womanly scent! Does my little slave like the smell of his mistress? She purred I could on manage a very croaky yes as my cock wa

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That milf is suprisly a dick lover
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You are very cute and one of my fav to watch