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#152290 - Amanda had poured the drinks whiskey for me and Jerry and a large Baileys for herself “I need to steady my nerves she said this feels so strange” then she asked me to draw the living room curtains so as to keep prying eyes away as I did so Amanda through her arms around Jerry’s neck and kissed him passionately “I have been thinking of this all week, and I have a surprise for you” she added. Later on I was informed that it was all arranged and he would be there at 11am and that it was up to me how I decided to deal with it but that if I intended to be awkward I had better not be there as he was a big man and would not take any nonsense from me. The next morning before she left for work she reminded me word for word what I had said, then left for the construction company where she worked in the IT department and I went to my own job at the factory all day I thought of what had happened and vowed to make it all up to her that evening and to put some sex back into our marriage when I g

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