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#257254 - . punch out, but is was the BALL BREAKER office that always took the most time!!! Quietly moved from desk to desk and wearing a pair of headphones to help pass the time, Hank hadn't even noticed that the large corner office over looking the river was still occupied even though it was almost one thirty in the morning!!! He was just finishing up with the area out side that office when he looked up and with total surprise muttered, Well if it isn't the head cunt herself!!! While she didn't work late often, Hollis Beckman was busily writing an editorial for the up coming issue of BB, and while she wasn't surprised to see him working at this late hour, she was quite put out at the comment she had heard him plainly utter just seconds before!!! What did you say, she said while striding out of her office and confronting Hank right there on the spot!?! After turnng down the volume on his tape deck, Hank put down his duster and replied, I'm sorry ma'am, I coul

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